You are DRIVEN, but are you CONFIDENT? Part I

When you know who you really are… peace and knowledge shines like a star.  KRS One – “Why Is That?”
Drive is our protective strength and confidence is our vulnerable strength.

I have always been driven….
In the seventh grade, Jayne Gerald and I were the only middle school age players on the Varsity and Jr Varsity basketball teams and we both started on the JV team.

Sheri 27-37_basketball

As a freshmen, I beat out several upper classmen for a coveted starting position on the Varsity Team.  My senior year, I was Player of the Year for my entire county.
In high school, I worked full time at Wendy’s, played basketball, and had a very active social life.  I was a straight “A’” student and didn’t receive my first “B” until my senior year and that was because I was bored.
My drive has allowed me to accomplish some amazing things and live my dreams.  But underneath this drive, there was an ugly truth.  I have always been driven, but I haven’t always been confident.  Yes, there is a big difference between drive and confidence.  

Many of us are successful because we’re driven not because we’re confident.  At some point in our journey of success our lack of confidence is going to cause us to break and break down.

I ask many of my high achieving and highly successful clients this question….

Are you confident or are you driven? 

After some moments of reflection, 100% of them have answered, they are highly driven and but not necessarily confident.

Working with some of the top influencers, athletes, and celebrities in the world, I know for sure that many highly driven people are insecure.  As the prolific lyricist KRS One asked…Why is that?

What I’ve discovered is many of us can answer the question, “What I Do?” with authority and confidence but struggle greatly with the question “Who Am I”?

Our true confidence is not experienced in what we do but in living in full ownership of who we are.  To grow in our confidence, we must do five things:

  • Seek God for our IDENTITY
  • Seek God for our ONE GIFT
  • Seek God for our PURPOSE
  • Seek God for our PASSION
  • Seek God for who He’s called us to SERVE

Our confidence is rooted in our identity, gift, purpose, passion, and who we serve.

I would love to hear your definition of the difference between drive and confidence.  Please share your thoughts in the comments below.  Stay tuned for part II where I share more about how our identity is key to our confidence.

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  • KimD says:

    Hi Sheri, I am working to replace words like confidence and self-esteem with the word FAITH in order to take the focus off me/my limitations and put it on God/His power.

    I’m hoping that putting my focus on God’s power will give me the freedom to be more passionate and driven.

    One question I’m asking is “What’s driving me?” Who is at the wheel … fear or FAITH?

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