You are DRIVEN, but are you CONFIDENT? Part II

For many years, I drove a 365i BMW.  When I bought the car, the dealership would only honor my warranty if an authorized BMW dealership did the maintenance and repairs.  Their reason was many other mechanics can fix and maintenance a BMW but only the manufacturer has the authentic knowledge, training, and parts that were created for the BMW.

This is very true of us, as well.  There are many truths that our parents, siblings, spouses, friends, life circumstances, and experiences can tell to us about ourselves but only our Manufacturer, who is GOD, can reveal our true identity.  It’s these deep truths that build and develop our confidence and the many complex answers to the question “Who Am I?”

What I’ve discovered is we can answer the question, “What I Do” with authority but struggle greatly with the question “Who Am I”?  

Many of us struggle with our true identity because we become who our parents want us to be or who our parents didn’t want us to be. We become a job title, a career focus, or a hustler who knows how to grind. We become our profession or our children’s parent.

True confidence is not experienced in what we DO but living in full ownership of who we ARE.  

To grow in our confidence, we must do five key things:

  • Seek God for our IDENTITY
  • Seek God for our ONE GIFT
  • Seek God for our PURPOSE
  • Seek God for our PASSION
  • Seek God for who He’s called us to SERVE

There are several keys to growing in our confidence and today I want to focus on the first one, “Seeking God for our identity”.

Our identity is revealed to us through pursuing inner peace by spending daily, quality time in a quiet place of prayer, meditation, and/or self reflection.  This may be 10 minutes a day or one hour a day.  The amount of time is not what’s most important, but the commitment to being consist in taking the time.

All of us have insecurities that hold our confidence hostage.  In my deep dive into living my true identity, I’ve discovered my need for validation held my confidence hostage.

My drive was so strong that I worked hard enough to achieve my goals but this need for validation, would attack my confidence by:

  • Stealing my peace and joy during the process
  • Creating a ceiling on the level of success my drive could push me to achieve

I encourage you to be consistent and committed to your daily quiet time.  And then take full ownership and authority of the identity God gave you.  Do not allow your drive to minimize your confidence, steal your peace, and rob your joy.  I want all of us to be just as clear in answering the question “Who are you?” as we are when we’re asked “What do you do?”.

In the comments below, I would love to hear what you’ve discovered that minimizes your confidence and how you are overcoming this issue?

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  • Awesome article Sheri! So on point. I too had that problem. I spent so much time and effort develop my value on the outside, that I neglected my inner man and true purpose. Physically & Financially Fit, but Socially, Spiritually, & Emotionally Obese. Thank God for Grace & Relationship! He works ALL Things out for the Good…

    Thank you Sheri!!

    • Sheri Riley says:

      Hello Jemiah,
      I absolutely LOVE “Physically & Financially Fit, but Socially, Spiritually, and Emotionally Obese”. I know you are moving rapidly in your purpose and truly developing that answer to the questions “Who AM I? YAY!!!

  • Xzandria Armstrong says:

    Thanks so much for this! I don’t email enough to tell you how much each email I get really uplifts me! I know everyone gets them.. Buts it’s nice to get such reminders!!! Thanks for your emails.. Thanks for your free advice and I hope to be everything God wants me to be! My life is going through such a transitioning point.. Having sound guidance from you is like a breath of fresh air in my week! I pray God continues to bless you abundantly!!

    • Sheri Riley says:

      Hello Xzandria,
      It’s my purpose and my pleasure to serve you!!! Keep focusing on HIM and pressing through your transition. “He who has called you is faithful to do it”!!!!! Many Blessings!!!!

  • Amie says:

    Sheri, this really blessed me! I am finally uderstanding who I am and my Purpose. I am one with a strong drive, hard working, and people pleaser. I had a very strong need for validation. I would do things for others even if it put me in a bind, just because I wanted to be liked. God have opened my eyes and I had the chance to see everyone for who they are. My complete cirlce was removed from my everyday life and things opened up. I’m grateful because, I now seek acceptance and approval from God and Him alone. My prayer is for more Christ minded people in my circle. Thank you for the everyday words of Wisdom, God is truly using You! Many blessings to You, your family, and everyone’s life you Touch! Amen

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