I will join Steve Harvey, Lisa Nichols, Doreen Rainey as a speaker at the Steve Harvey’s Act Like a Success Conference

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I am thrilled to be a speaker at Steve Harvey’s Act Like a Success Conference March 6-8, 2015. I will join Steve Harvey, Lisa Nichols, Doreen Rainey and many other empowering speakers as we provide tools, resources, motivation, and insights that will help the ready, willing, and committed to accelerate their success and make their dreams a reality.

Are you running on empty?
Are you in transition with no clear plan?
Are you burned out?
Are you ready to get out of your own way?
Do you have it all…and feel empty?
Are you ready to believe in yourself not just your skills?
Are you ready to live your full potential?
Do you want a good night’s sleep?

My “Live in Your P.O.W.E.R.” session, will focus on my 5 P.O.W.E.R® strategies, which serve as the blueprint that leads to more energy, better clarity, enhanced joy, healthier choices, and most importantly, PEACE.

Steve and Majorie Harvey_Sheri

Marjorie Harvey, Steve Harvey, Sheri Riley

I know what it’s like to be broke AND I know what it’s like to have everything and in both places feel empty and stuck, with no clear plan or direction for your life.

What I now know for sure is whether I have everything or nothing, what I really need is PEACE. Understanding this truth, empowered me to make the most important decision of my life; to make choices from my place of power and not from my place of brokenness.

I am a wife, mother, daughter, entrepreneur, and I’ve been a corporate executive. I was a senior level executive at a high-powered record company, making 6 figures, unlimited expense account, traveling the world, and I was miserable. Not because I didn’t love my job, I did, but I didn’t have a good life. I didn’t know how to effectively manage the stress. I didn’t spend quality time with my family without feeling guilty. I rarely had a good night’s sleep. I was spending 100% of my time on 10% of who I was.

I resigned and started my journey of pursuing peace, choosing clarity, and living courageously, which I call Exponential Living®.

My transformational program, the 9 Principles of Exponential Living helps celebrities, athletes, corporate executives, entrepreneurs, high achievers and will help YOU to not only have career success but a good life.

At Steve Harvey’s Act Like A Success Conference, we will focus on discovering your gift, fulfilling your purpose, and creating your plan. Join me, and others, as we dive into your deepest fears, to elevate to your highest faith, to accomplish your greatest achievements.


Lisa Nichols and Sheri Riley


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