Peace is the New Success®

Influencers and high achievers believe that pursuing peace means they need to calm down or slow down. The truth is, it’s just the opposite.  I’m here to show you how the power of peace is what’s going to enhance your creative edge, sales, productivity, innovative thinking, and most importantly, fill that void.

Are You Chasing…

Titles and money because you believe these things will give you freedom and this freedom will give you peace?

Influence and access because you believe these things will give you power and this power will give you peace?

Approval from spouses, friends or fans because these things will give you security and this security will give you peace?

How High-Achievers and Influencers Can Enhance Your Edge

Peace does not eliminate your edge. Peace enhances your edge. I’ve worked with clients who believe that if they let go of their anger, worry, stress or stop working “24/7”, they will somehow lose what they’ve worked so hard to build. They can’t accept that these negative behaviors are actually hindering their career and personal growth.

The truth is your success is from your exceptional talent, great ability, insight into seizing and maximizing opportunities, and leadership skills.  It’s not about working 24/7, exhausting yourself and sacrificing every relationship along the way.

Awaken that Peaceful Rebellion
Inside of You

Activating peace isn’t about achieving something external—you’ve probably done plenty of that and experience can tell you that’s not where internal peace originates. Living in true peace is all about an internal decision, take ownership of your truth, get crystal clear on what is truly important to you, and awaken that Peaceful Rebel inside of you.

You must begin to rebel against the noise, distractions and judgment that hold so many of us back—our external world is full of these things and you can’t afford to let them distract you from your goal of internal peace. You must first decide to live in peace no matter what’s going on around you.

Becoming a Peaceful Rebel means really committing yourself to that inner peace. Beginning to view the world around you through the lens of peace, rather than viewing your internal peace through the cluttered and chaotic world’s clouded lens. It’s not always easy to flip the script like this, but I can help.

Pursuing peace gives us exhilarating clarity that allows us to make better choices, which empowers us to increase our productivity in every area of our lives.






  • Release the fears that hinder your continued success
  • Gain clarity and control in all areas of your life
  • Develop unshakable confidence
  • Increase your productivity
  • Experience career success AND life success
  • Peace is your missing piece. It gives you the ability to live powerfully, abundantly and exponentially…

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