The Success You Are Chasing Could Destroy You…

The success you’re chasing could destroy you without an “abundance of peace” mindset.
Are you chasing…

  • Titles and money because you believe these things will give you freedom and this freedom will give you peace?
  • Influence and access because you believe these things will give you power and this power will give you peace? 
  • Approval from spouses, friends or fans because these things will give you security and this security will give you peace?  

Influencers and high achievers believe that pursuing peace means they need to calm down or slow down. The truth is, it’s just the opposite.  The power of peace enhances your creative edge, productivity, innovative thinking, and most importantly, fills that void.

You know something is missing and so you pursue another career achievement, take another trip, buy something else…to still have that emptiness.  Peace isn’t achieved through something external—you’ve probably done plenty of that and experience can tell you that’s not where inner peace originates.

We’ve got it backwards…We are chasing what we hope will bring us inner peace instead of pursuing real peace of mind, body and soul, and then receiving the power and clarity that leads us to REAL freedom, financial security, love, influence, and significance.

Pursuing peace gives exhilarating clarity that allows us to make better choices which empowers us to increase our productivity.  

This week I was talking to a dear friend of mine who’s in the midst of an unpleasant divorce.  And when I asked her how she was doing, as a habit, she said, ”everything is good”.  The reality is everything is not good.

This casual response we repeat over and over becomes a powerful wall of denial and keeps us trapped in our reality of pain and not empowered by the truth that we are covered by our GOD who works all things for our good.

I am not advocating that we share our challenges with everyone, but we do have to be honest with ourselves AND those who love and care about us.

I didn’t know Titi Branch. I knew Chris Lighty in passing. I was friends with Shakir Stewart.  All three were high-powered influential individuals.  Each of them had the external elements of success with a very important missing piece…Peace.

Very few of us reach the heart wrenching conclusion of ending our lives but many are suffering from external success and internal confusion, pain, and insecurity. I’ve blog before on confidence vs drive and the power of peace and will continue to SCREAM about the power of pursuing peace. 

I know so many highly accomplished people who are smiling and saying “everything is alright” yet dying and crying on the inside.  

Too many of us, especially high achievers, are suffering and struggling in silence.  Too many of us are getting to a breaking point that those closest to us don’t know we’ve crossed.

My Exponential Living® program can breath life into the darkest places.  For Chris Lighty, Shakir Stewart, Titi Branch, and several others, I wish they knew that I was here.

I am saying to each of you reading this…I’m Here!!!  

And I encourage you to say to those around you that are smiling…. “I’m Here”.  

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