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With the recent deaths of actor Chadwick Boseman, Coach John Thompson, and over 180,000 Americans to COVID-19, our hearts are heavy.

With the racial injustice, social unrest, global challenges, lack of leadership, and many more major crises in our communities, country and the world, many of us are feeling drained, exhausted, frustrated, hopeless, helpless, and afraid.

Our minds are riddled with questions with no clear answers…

Should our children go to school?

Is my husband safe going to the store?

Will I say the wrong thing to my Black friends because of my own blind spots?

The list of questions is endless. 


There’s past and current trauma we are trying to deny, press through, heal from, and live with.

Many of us have had life experiences that shattered our heart, soul and spirit like a precious china plate. And through prayers, therapy, and/or time we have glued those broken pieces together. 

And now, through the external realities we are facing and the private crises we are enduring, that broken china plate that our previous recovery glued together, has been shattered AGAIN.

Marriages are shattered. Businesses are closing. Jobs are lost. Loneliness is amplified. Grief is overwhelming.

Whatever your shattered china plate represents, you are in pain, frustrated, hurt, and confused.

Stevie Wonder has this amazing song, “These Three Words

Some of the lyrics are listed below:

When was the last time that they heard you say
Mother or father I love you
And when was the last time that they heard you say
Daughter or son I love you
Ones you say you cherish everyday
Can instantly be taken away
Then you say I know this can’t be true
When you never took the time to simply tell them I love you

“I LOVE YOU” are three of the most important, impactful, and necessary words we can say to ourself and others. But they are not the MOST important three words we need FOR OURSELVES to heal, restore, and move with power.

Those three words are Lord, Help Me!!!

Lord, Help Me is the battle cry that…

Gives you your victory. 

It’s the medical report that says you are healed.

It’s the love and communication that restores your marriage.

It’s the ideas that launch your business.

It’s the clarity that answers your questions.

It’s the courage you need at work to lead your department.

What I’ve discovered is many of us are trying to repair the shattered places in our lives when this current trauma was never meant to fix the broken version of you, but to empower you to accept that God has made you into a new version of yourself.

You are powerful.

You are confident.

You are empowered to live your greatness.

What I know for sure is Everyday Matters

I encourage you to live this day and everyday afterwards asking, Lord, help me so you can LIVE the life you desire. On our best and worst days, we will live in victory!!!

Sheri Riley
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