21 Day Challenge – The Power of Keeping a Positive Mindset

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21 Day Challenge – The Power of Keeping a Positive Mindset

Exponential Living Principle 3 – Pursue Peace and a Positive Mind

The mind’s capacity for negativity is astonishing. If you pay careful attention, you can actually observe the mind’s habit of chasing negative thoughts.

Tomorrow morning, for instance, when you first awaken, notice how, for just a moment, the world is a blank slate to you. For just an instant, you might not even remember what day it is, or even what period of your life you are in. For one nanosecond each morning, anything seems possible. Then, almost instantly, your mind starts trolling for problems. It says, “Now what should we be worrying about today?” A moment later, it serves you up a ready menu of anxieties.

Before you have a chance to get your bearings, the day’s worry avalanche has begun.

Very often we allow the one thing that is bringing us sadness to rob us of the joy and satisfaction we could get from the hundred things that are going great. In fact, even if you didn’t have today’s set of problems, your mind would find another set to worry about. No matter how many problems you solve, the mind will always find something new to worry about, if you let it.

High achievers are particularly vulnerable to this trap.

We are driven to achieve, and so that one “off” thing, that one thing that is not exactly how we think it should be, can throw us into a funk. Our mind then takes us on a grand tour of everything else we’ve failed to do perfectly, which makes us lose our confidence and question whether we are even capable of performing the task we are currently attempting. Before long, we are completely down on ourselves. The tragedy is that it’s a situation created entirely by the mind.

We speak words that steal our joy. We come into agreement with the negative in our life instead of aligning with the positive. One negative thought can trump a hundred positives. Your mental energy, whether you realize it or not, can affect the experience of thousands of people you interact with, positively or negatively.

That’s why it’s so important to pursue a positive mind-set. You must commit your thoughts to those things that are going right. For example, instead of saying, “I’m exhausted,” which is negative and draining, and robs us of our joy, say, “I’ve given my all.”

This small shift in words promotes a sense of accomplishment and satisfaction. It also sets the stage for you to move positively into a rest and restoration instead of feeling a need to do more.

We all have triggers that lead our minds down negative pathways. But you must stay focused on the blessings and positives in your life. That is where your peace and your power lie.

Now, here’s your homework. I want you to join me in a 21 Day Peace and Positive Mind Challenge. For 21 days, only allow your mind to think positive thoughts. Every time, you have a self-defeating, negative, self limiting thought that is anchored in doubt and anxiety, I want you to say out loud, no, and make your mind have a positive, uplifting, encouraging thought. You must be very intentional about what you are allowing yourself to think. If you commit to this challenge and stick to it with consistency, I promise you, your mindset will shift and you will reduce your anxiety and manage to control your negative thinking, increase your peace, positivity and joy.

Before you begin your challenge, watch as Radio Personality Bert Weiss shares on how a positive mindset and gratitude helps guide him in life and keeps him in peace.

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