Do Not Neglect the Gift that is in You

By October 9, 2014Blog, Daily Declarations

Do not neglect the Gift that is in you…Meditate on these things; give yourself entirely to them that your progress may be evident to all. 1 Timothy 4:14-15

I’m 47 years old and I look good. I say this with humility and joy.

Sheri103 (EDIT)

I am reading Sheryl Sandberg’s book “Lean In” and she shares how men attribute their success and achievements to their innate qualities and skills. Yet, women will credit their success to external factors like my team was great; I received great advice from others. This has definitely been my truth.

So my words are not an arrogant or prideful statement. They are a declaration of victory. They are a celebration of my commitment to live fully in the Gift that is in me.

I spent many years taking myself for granted and neglecting my Gift. I know some of you are doing the same thing.

I minimized the work I put into being me and didn’t acknowledge the hurdles I’ve overcome, the mountains I’ve climbed, the paths I’ve blazed, the gentle words I’ve spoken, and the prayers I’ve prayed. I discounted this as my personality, not the commitment I’ve made to these choices.

Our Gift is precious. It goes beyond our skills, talent, education, or career title. It’s our unique “finger print” that brings a richness to our lives and those we experience during our journey.

How do we nurture the Gift that is in us?

Here are three (3) actions I’ve discovered, that when practiced daily, helps me nurture my Gift (and they do wonders in eliminating stress).

 1. Choose to be content, regardless of the circumstances

 2. Give thanks in all things

 3. Commit to the pursuit of peace


My favorite books says, “Who so ever will“….

 Meaning, do you show up every day in your life FOR YOU!!?? 

 Below are six (6) insights that help me stay on course in nurturing my Gift.

1. What we believe, is what we receive

2. Thoughts we meditate on the most (good or bad) are the things that manifest in our lives 

3. When our perspective changes, our life changes

4. For some changes to occur, think differently

5. No matter how big the challenge is, START

6. Set your intention every day to do something

So today, I encourage you nurture the special Gift in you that makes you LOOK GOOD!!!

Spend some quality time loving on YOU.


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  • Sheryl says:

    These are great insights that I will take heed to now Sheri. Thanks for sharing your gift with others!

  • Dorothy Bonvillain says:

    Yes indeed, you do look FABULOUS at 47 years, Sherri…but then you look FABULOUS for ANY age!!

    My # 1 God-given gift (like that of your friend) is to be an encourager for others. I’m working on getting out of my own way…re-claiming my self-confidence in order to have more influence & a wide outreach.
    I LOVE your postings – and YOU!

    • Sheri Riley says:

      Hello Dorothy. I SOOO appreciate your persistence. LOLOL. You are so special to me. I am so grateful for our time together in Guatemala and every time we’ve been in each others company. You are such a light and this glow is blessing so many!!

  • Mika says:

    WOW. God was behind every word you wrote about this–that’s very evident. Thanks for sharing your experience and wisdom about walking confidently in our God-given Gift. Once we recognize it, the best choice IS to walk it out daily. The three actions and six insights you gave are truly great keys for nurturing our gift and staying on track, as well as having and enjoying that quality time with ourselves….again, WOW…keep it up, I love what God is doing in your life (and in mine!)

  • WilliamOa says:

    Wow, great forum.Much thanks again. Lichtenberg

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