Learn How Actors Nicole Ari Parker and Boris Kodjoe Maintain a Thriving, Loving Relationship

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Learn How Actors Nicole Ari Parker and Boris Kodjoe Maintain a Thriving, Loving Relationship.

Exponential Living Principle 2: Healthy Living Is More Than Just a Diet

“(Exponential Living) to me, it’s maximizing your physical, spiritual, and mental potential as a human being. Living in that peace, comfort, and confidence.”
Boris Kodjoe

When most people think about healthy living, they focus in on two narrow areas: diet and exercise. That’s probably because it’s easy to set quantifiable goals in those areas.

Progress can be tracked.

Objectives can be measured.

Many high achievers can be good at diet and exercise (if they choose to be). But still their lives are not healthy. That’s because they don’t include in their health consciousness the most important aspect of healthy living: relationships.

Several studies have shown the connection between relationship and health. People who have active, meaningful relationships in their lives live longer and have less depression, serious injury, and illness than those who do not. They heal faster and enjoy life more. Thriving, loving, active relationships—with ourselves, with our loved ones, and with God—are essential to human health. And yet, relationships cannot be measured or quantified, which helps explain why many high achievers do not give them a tenth of the attention they deserve.

Virtually everyone I have ever spoken to—and this includes both high achievers and non-high achievers—rate relationships with family, friends, spouses, and other loved ones as one of their top values in life. Yet, high achievers typically spend their time and pledge their commitment elsewhere.

Why? It all comes down to the way we value outcomes.

For example, we often say we want the best for our children. We say we want our children to grow into amazing, productive adults. But in reality two things typically happen: either we don’t enough spend time with our kids, or we do spend time with them but we are mentally checked out when we do so.

We’re thinking more about the cake we need to bake for the birthday party than the child whom the party is celebrating. We dutifully put ourselves in the presence of our families, but we are not present with them. This is not a truth that we want to admit, but it’s the truth that robs us of our peace because it’s one of our biggest internal conflicts.

If you wish to value relationship outcomes as highly as career outcomes, you must redefine success. When we broaden our definition of success to include not just career achievements but things like quality time with our children, an emotional connection to our spouse, caring for our aged parents, sitting quietly in mediation, dating and doing activities we deeply enjoy, we begin to unleash the hidden 90 percent of who we are that is obscured when we give 100 percent of ourselves to the 10 percent.

When we accept the definition of success society hands us, we put most of our energy into our work relationships. But true success flows from nourishing five key relationships:

1). Relationship with God
2), Relationship with Self
3). Relationship with spouse (or significant other)
4). Relationship with family
5). Relationship with friends

This, my friend, is Exponential Living.

Watch and discover how two of my friends – Actors Boris Kodjoe and Nicole Ari Parker – have intentionally prioritized and maintained a thriving, loving and healthy relationship.

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