Money Is Not The Issue and I Explain Why….

By September 17, 2018Blog, Daily Declarations

Recently, I overheard a woman say, “I have a great career and I’m so unhappy”. The sad part is I hear this statement all of the time, from men and women.

Recently, I saw a post on Instagram honoring the amazing life of Lifestyle Blogger, Kyrzayda Rodriquez. At the young age of 40, she passed from stomach cancer. During her last days, she shared these life-changing words.

I have a brand new car parked outside that can’t do anything for me, I have all kinds of designers clothes, shoes and bags that can’t do anything for me, I have money in my account that can’t do anything for me, I have a big well furnished house that can’t do anything for me, look I’m laying here in a twin size hospital bed, I can take a plane any day of the week if I like but that can’t do anything for me … So Do not let anyone make u feel bad for the things you don’t have but the things u have be happy with those, if you have a roof over your head who cares what kind of furnitures in it… the Most important thing in life is LOVE, lastly make sure you enjoy the ones you love.

I share her powerful testimony to not only honor the amazing grace this Sister showed, but also because what she shared is the truth that drives me. I’m committed and dedicated to helping people learn HOW to live in the power of PEACE, LOVE and JOYFIRST, then we can enjoy ALL aspects of our lives. So many of us are allowing the careers we’ve worked so hard to achieve rob us of the great life we long to live and the true love we long to receive.

One of the many things I love about Kyrzayda is she didn’t give up!!! She was living and posting and thriving until the end. Even though she “knew” when her life journey was coming to an end… she never gave up.

And that is my COMMAND to you!!! DO. NOT. GIVE. UP!!!

This is the moment that you have to choose to be A DISRUPTOR IN YOUR OWN LIFE.

You have to stretch your faith, belief, hope, work, outreach, and commitment. Your peace, joy, and happiness is on the other side of your comfort zone and daily routine.

So many times, I hear… “but if I had the money” or “I can’t do that because I don’t have the money” or “I would love to do THAT but this job pays me so much money and I can’t afford to not make THIS much money”. Whether you don’t have enough or you have more than enough, Money is not the REAL issue. Money is a symptom or an anchor.

Most of us are asking the question, “Do I have enough money to make a change in my life?”

When the real question you should be asking yourself is, “Are you ready, willing, AND committed to living fully in ALL aspects of the life you desire?

Click HERE for more motivation and encouragement. DO NOT GIVE UP!!!!!


Sheri Riley
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