During this time of uncertainty, even the BEST decision makers are challenged.

Parents are trying to decide the best options for their children, as it relates to school and/or participating in sports. They are struggling with major decisions that involve their work schedules and how to handle adjusting to virtual school for their children.

Professional athletes, CEO’s, corporate executives, business owners, teachers, and leaders in our communities are challenged with many financial and business decisions weighted in science and commerce. 

The levels of uncertainty, in every area of our lives, is unlike anything we’ve ever experienced in our lifetime.

And the truth is, we still HAVE to make decisions. We still HAVE to move forward. We still HAVE to do the right thing the right way (to the best of our ability).

Below are the most prevalent challenges in making decisions in times of uncertainty. 

1.     Saying “I don’t know”
2.     Overthinking/Paralysis of Analysis
3.     Fear of making the wrong decision/Procrastination
4.     Denial/Ego
5.     Giving Your Power Away

Here’s how to overcome these challenges:

1.     Stop saying “I don’t know” – Focus on what you DO know. Saying “I don’t know” robs us of clarity and owning what we do know. Being intentional about what we do know,  empowers us to gain clarity on what we do control, the things we can do, and the advancements we can make. This gives us direction on how to move forward, even if it is small incremental steps.

2.     Overthinking/Paralysis of Analysis – There’s a difference between processing information to make an informed decision and allowing your thoughts to continue turning like a hamster on a wheel. Overthinking keeps our thoughts churning and our minds going with no resolve. It also robs us of our PEACE.

3.     Fear of making the wrong decision/Procrastination – My favorite book says, “And we know that all things work together for good to those who love God…” (Romans 8:28) I am a Christian, so I believe these words. But even if your beliefs are different, all faiths empower us to believe in ourselves. This is even more important in times of uncertainty. When we make decisions, if the outcome is positive, we then “rinse & repeat”. If the outcome didn’t go as expected, then we “course correct”. My charge to you is trust yourself enough to make a decision so you can move forward.

4.     Denial/Ego – One of my favorite movies is the Academy award winner, “American Beauty“. One of the characters in the movie says, “never underestimate the power of denial“. Man, that line still hits me in the chest. Unfortunately, many of us struggle with denial, which is covered up and amplified by our ego and pride. In times of uncertainty, we say things like, “I’ll handle it” (with no action or changes, just words), “It’s not that bad” (as it continues to get worse due to your lack of decision making), and other statements that makes us feel like we have everything under control. It gives us a false sense of security and strength and is actually putting us in a position that weakens our control in the situation.

5.     Giving Your Power Away – Feeling like you need someone to rescue, help, or resolve the issue for you, gives your power away. Being open to support is necessary. But when you feel like your answers are contingent upon others is when you give your power away.

To make decisions in time of uncertainty, answer the following questions:

— What does this make possible?

— What do I control? 

And lastly, in times of uncertainty, hold on to these truths:

✨ There’s not always ONE, perfect answer; sometimes there may be many GREAT answers.  Stop searching for that ONE, perfect option and decide what’s the BEST choice you can make right now.

✨ Be committed to maintaining your PEACE. This gives you the confidence to own your CLARITY.

PEACE and CLARITY together empowers us with the courage to make decisions in every situation, even in times of uncertainty. 

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Sheri Riley
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