What should I focus on to prepare my goals for 2018?

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My daughter perfectly summed up this past weekend when she said to me, “Mommy, this weekend was legendary”.

On Saturday, December 16, we attended the NAACP Image Awards nominees’ luncheon. That morning, my friend, Kim Byer-Clark texted me the perfect reminder “soak it all in.


The NAACP hosts this intimate gathering to recognize the nominees’ accomplishments and create an environment to engage and connect.  Within moments of arriving, my daughter met Marsai Martin, who plays Diane on the ABC smash TV show BLACK-ish. Marsai and Dominique talked and enjoyed a great conversation. #SoooCute


A few minutes later, she noticed the legendary Loretta Devine. Dominique and Ms. Devine had the cutest conversation…Dominique sharing that she loves the animated characters she’s the voice for and Ms. Devine sharing how cute Dominique is and her adorable dimples.  #Memories


One of my many highlights was learning that the Image Awards Nominees’ photo is submitted to the Library of Congress and becomes a part of the NAACP’s legendary history and archives.

2018 NAACP Image Awards Nominees

2018 NAACP Image Awards Nominees

On Sunday, my daughter and I headed back to Atlanta. We were excited to attend the last show of Janet Jackson’s State of the World tour. I have been a FAN since Janet was Mae West on the Jackson 5 TV series. #YesIamGrown

About three (3) hours into our flight, the Captain announced that the Atlanta airport had been shut down and our plane was being diverted to Houston.

NOOOOOOOOO…..   We can’t go to Houston, we have tickets to Janet’s concert, IN ATLANTA. 

To make a long story short, we landed in Houston, got a flight to Birmingham, Alabama and drove to Atlanta…in time to attend the concert.


This weekend was Legendary…not because everything went GREAT, far from it. There were MANY BUMPS in the road and a few of those punches almost bought me to tears. But I was committed to ENJOYING EVERY MOMENT.

I am encouraging you to do the same. I am encouraging you to not only reflect on and ENJOY your amazing moments from 2017, but also commit to enjoying EVERY MOMENT of these last few weeks of the year. 

 This will create the right mindset as you are preparing your 2018 goals.

Thank you very much for going on this Exponential Living journey with me.


Leon Russell, Chairman, NAACP Board of Directors and Derrick Johnson, NAACP President & CEO

Leon Russell, Chairman, NAACP Board of Directors and Derrick Johnson, NAACP President & CEO



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