Ferguson highlights the changes this country needs and we are all responsible

By November 25, 2014Blog, Daily Declarations

I woke up this morning with a heavy heart. Heartbroken about the murder of Mike Brown and the fact that Darren Wilson will not get a jury trial or be brought to justice for shooting an unarmed teenager. My heart is broken that the county prosecutor, Bob McColloch’s tone seemed more intent on victimizing the person who was murdered and protecting his colleagues and a system that views a black child as a demon and lets his body lay in the streets for hours with NO MEDICAL ATTENTION.


Mike BrownMy hope is that real change can occur in Ferguson, MO and in cities throughout the US. Also in recording studios and record label conference rooms. The entertainment industry is slanted way too far in glorifying killing our men, disrespecting our women, and minimizing the power of educating our children. 


The justice system, police officers, politicians, the entertainment industry and all of us need to accept responsibility for the role each of us are playing in this travesty. We can’t keep feeding our youth garbage through the music they listen to and the reality TV they watch and expect them to be healthy.  

Mike Brown Parents

Being inundated with “entertainment” that focuses on ignorance, our children make really bad decisions, and these bad choices can put them in situations that other people’s ignorance can cost them their life.

My heart wants change and change across the board. I want change in the education, political, and justice systems, as well as the entertainment industry.

We all have a role in the change this country needs. So let’s stop pointing the finger at others and commit to what we can do in our own areas of influence.

My way of affecting change is not the same as yours but both are necessary. So it’s not an “either / or“ proposition; it’s a “together / and”.


Our children are dying at the hands of police officers.

Our children are dying at the hands of our children.

Our children’s minds are dying from celebrating ignorance.

Our children’s souls are dying from feeding them garbage and calling it entertainment.

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