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Oprah Winfrey said Marie Forleo is a thought leader for the next generation.

I am a fan of The Marie Forleo Podcast and MarieTV. I love her interview style, humor, depth, and genuine interest in her guests. 

I am excited to announce my interview on her award-winning Podcast and Show. CLICK HERE to watch or go to your favorite platform to listen to The Marie Forleo Podcast.

During our conversation, we discuss the following:

4:15 — The unexpected truth about hard work.
7:00 — How to know whether you’re on the right track.
12:09 — Why Sheri refused to work with Usher and walked away from her dream job.
16:40 — Why you don’t need a work-life balance.
20:50 — Want to accomplish your biggest goals in less time? Try this to-do list trick.
29:20 — The real reason for a “mid-life crisis” and how you can avoid it.
34:32 — How to serve others without burning out.
40:11 — The #1 thing you need to find peace in times of massive uncertainty.

P.S. During my interview with Marie, she asks me about some of her most impactful takeaways from my book, Exponential Living- Stop Spending 100% of Your Time on 10% of Who You AreCLICK HERE to order your autographed copy of Exponential Living.

Sheri Riley
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Sheri Riley is a wife, mother, daughter, and entrepreneur and we all know this is not easy, but she’s discovered how to make it simple. After 20 years of creating marketing strategies for Usher, TLC, Toni Braxton, Converse, Nike, NBA, and Turner, she now serves as an Empowerment Speaker and Life Strategist. She speaks around the world, sharing her message of "Peace is the New Success®". Her award-winning book, Exponential Living® -Stop Spending 100% of Your Time on 10% of Who You Are® (Penguin Random House) is the guide to integrate your personal desires into your life without detriment to your professional achievement.

Learn more at SheriRiley.com. Instagram/Twitter @SheriRiley, Linkedin/Facebook @SheriRileydotcom.

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