Do You Have a POWERFUL Inner Circle?

By December 3, 2018Blog, Daily Declarations

This week a good friend of mine sent out a group text. She needed help on something that was extremely time sensitive and very important.   Within 15 minutes, she received EXACTLY what she needed.

My question to you is, Do You Have a POWERFUL Inner Circle? 

And when I say POWERFUL, I am not talking about their influence in the world, I am talking about their INFLUENCE in the forward movement of your Dreams, Plans, and Goals.

The reason, my friend received exactly what she needed, in less than 15 minutes, is not just because of the access and influence of her inner circle but because of the love and respect we have for her.

Our REAL POWER is in the value of our relationships, which comes from our mutual and reciprocal respect and support.

To truly experience Exponential Living, we must be invested in the people we have in our inner circle. We must have people who will listen to us, hold us accountable, pour into our vision, calls us on our negative BS — as my Mentor Paul Martinelli says, BS stands for Belief System —  and will tell us the truth, ESPECIALLY WHEN WE DON’T WANT TO HEAR IT.  

WATCH the below video to learn more about the POWER of your Inner Circle.

Sheri Riley
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