Dance in the Mirror Naked… Part 2

By August 24, 2015Blog, Daily Declarations

The purpose of a belief is so you find your truth

Paul Martinelli / President, The John Maxwell Team

On this journey called life, we get to know so many people. We spend time learning about our coworkers, people we’re dating, our kids, and friends we meet along the way. And we can easily lose our connection with ourself.  The two most important relationships we have is with our God and with ourselves, yet these are the two relationships we spend the least amount of time cultivating.

For weeks, in preparing, Dance in the Mirror Naked Part 1 and 2, I’ve discussed this idea with several high achievers.  They shared with me how much this aligned with their truth.

We become what we need to be to achieve in our careers, marriages, and relationships, and grow farther and farther away from our authentic self.  Our decisions can get deeply rooted in other people’s opinions of us, not our truth about who we truly are.

Our choices either build our character or challenge our maturity.  We can be brilliant business people who are limited in our personal development.

For me, I’ve made some tough choices that costs me temporary gains but provided quantam leaps in my life.  Choices to forgive, when I wanted to get even.  Choices to stand in integrity, when it would have been easier to go with the flow.  Choices to love with an open heart people who have loved me with conditions.


Everything I’ve worked to become I’ve always been. My life’s journey has been about developing the courage to actually live being me.

The courage and power, to be strong enough in my vulnerability to “dance naked in the mirror” comes from joy in my heart, not happiness from my circumstances.

My strength is in my vulnerability with myself, which empowers me to be whole.   In being whole, I’m empowered to love and be loved, to achieve and receive, to build and to share.  And this applies in all relationships including the relationship with myself.

To live in the power of ME, there are 7 things I stopped doing:



  • I stopped using energy on people and things that don’t align with my truth.:






  • I stopped being concerned with who wasn’t concerned with me.:






  • I stopped depending on me to manifest my dreams that are gifts from GOD.:






  • I stopped thinking people owed me anything.:






  • I stopped believing I needed something outside of myself to live my best life.:






  • I stopped over analyzing and over criticizing myself for being me.:






  • I stopped measuring success ONLY by numbers and began living in the truth that my success is broad enough to include those numbers AND a healthy marriage, productive children, watching Blue Bloods with my Mom, and consistently getting eight hours of sleep.




I encourage you to dance in the mirror naked and re-introduce yourself to YOU.

Daily Declaration

Please leave in the comments below, what you have stopped or plan to stop that will free you up to Dance Naked in the Mirror.


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