Chris “Ludacris” Bridges, Chaka Zulu, and Jeff Dixon share the power of Exponential Living

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Chris “Ludacris” Bridges, Chaka Zulu, and Jeff Dixon share the power of Exponential Living.


Have you ever felt that disconnect between your personal self (who you are) and the role you play in life (what you do)?

Of course you have.

We all have.

We all develop a set of roles that we play in the world—actor, doctor, lawyer, athlete, CEO, student, mom, dad, PTO member, community organizer. For many of us, our professional or work role is the biggest role we play in life—and that goes for full-time parents, students, clergy, and volunteers too. Some of us learn how to turn that professional self on when we are in work mode, and then turn it off when the workday ends. That may temporarily work for some but it never works for high achievers.

Why Not?

The problem with high achievers is that the workday hardly ever ends. We’re in work mode most of the time—during our long days at the office, when we’re on our smartphones in the car, when we’re writing emails at home, even when we’re walking around town, projecting a chosen image for all to see. This is true for those of us who identify with a role such as “parent” as well. From doing housework to running errands to cooking dinner to helping with the homework, the role begins to dominate our behavior from morning till night. And so, the personal self begins to get less and less “airtime,” and begins to feel like a stranger to us.

Who we truly are—our personal self—is usually quite different from the roles we play. 

We sometimes hear celebrities, such as Beyoncé, describe this phenomenon. Beyoncé even gave her stage persona its own name: Sasha Fierce. Why? Because her personal self is more than the “star” everyone gushes over.

This is true of many of us. The confidence, strategic thinking, and deal-making skills we may attribute to our “work” personality may not be key aspects of our personal self when we’re out of the spotlight.

The goal of Exponential Living is to make sure your 100-percent personal self is not overshadowed by your 10-percent professional self. 

Because when that happens, you begin to live as a two-dimensional version of yourself, which you manage to convince yourself is “you.” Meanwhile, the unexpressed parts of you clamor for attention below the surface, which can lead to self-defeating behavior, resentment, and depression. We are not designed to live a life that relies on only 10 percent of who we are to produce 100 percent of our fulfillment. We are designed to live a life that flows from 100 percent of who we are.  We achieve this by working on our personal development.

We must be intentional about building our character, which happens through a steady process of making clear, intentional choices, pursing inner peace, and living courageously. 

That all starts with knowing ourselves truly and deeply. If you want to experience Exponential Living, personal growth is not an optional aspect of the process. Just as you would invest in growing a business or career, your relationship with yourself needs tending and upgrading.


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