If Peace is the New Success, How Do I Succeed?

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If Peace is the New Success, How Do I Succeed?

Exponential Living: Principle 9 – Exponential Living

Exponential Living is a lifestyle of pursuing peace, choosing clarity, and living courageously.

Peace is our power.

When we pursue peace, it empowers us to live in a state of clarity.

When we have peace and clarity, we have the courage to do anything.

What I know for sure, is every complex life issue that we face, has a simple solution. Pursing peace, choosing clarity, and living courageously are the simple truths that empower us to live in our other 90%.

Now that you know what Exponential Living is, let me explain how you can experience a lifestyle of Exponential Living.

How do we stop spending 100% of our time on 10% of who we are?

This is be done by implementing the 9 Principles of Exponential Living.

  1. Live in Your P.O.W.E.R.
  2. Healthy Living is More Than Just a Diet
  3. Pursue Peace and a Positive Mind
  4. Have a Servant’s Heart and a Giving Spirit
  5. Stop Working, Start Maximizing
  6. Happy is a Choice; Joy is a Lifestyle
  7. Build Lasting Confidence
  8. The Courage to be Faithful
  9. Exponential Living

I recently completed a major project. When I started the project, I was not ready and I did not have any of the elements prepared. But with full peace and clarity, I courageously “put my line in the sand” and jumped.

The project had the potential to benefit others and my desire to help others had to be greater than the fear of my ego being bruised. My fear was trying to consume me with what COULD go wrong three, six, nine weeks into the project. Instead of being distracted by the “what ifs,” I finally made the decision not to be concerned with anything other than making the commitment to get started. I gave my all and executed the first step with excellence. Each additional step mirrored my first step – guiding me to success.

For those of you who are allowing fear, doubt, and procrastination to keep you from moving forward, I want you to do this.

  1. Set your goal
  2. Make your commitment
  3. Focus on your 1 or 2 next best steps

When I started the project, I knew this was not the most efficient way to launch. However, waiting until it was “most efficient” would have given my fears the inch they needed to convince me not to move forward. Fear was trying to paralyze me.

Don’t let fear stop you.

Instead move forward in peace, with clarity and courage.

This doesn’t negate the fact that most of the time we need to put together a plan, and I certainly operate that way. But there are many times – when we are breaking out of an old mindset, paradigm, or norm – that we must go with the timing and momentum to jump. Trusting fully that we will land and show up in excellence allowing God to add His “super to our natural.”

Sometimes our break through is in us moving and trusting ourselves. Many times our victory is not always in the outcome, but our victory is in our movement. Why?

Because Exponential Living is not a result.

Exponential Living is a choice.

It is not a destination you arrive at after mastering the other eight principles. The other principles empower you to choose Exponential Living.

It’s a moment by moment decision.

In life and with Exponential Living, you don’t get to kick back and say “I’ve arrived. I’ve mastered “Exponential Living”. Actually, the more we achieve personally and professionally, the more challenges and blessings we receive – the more we need these principles.

What Exponential Living does is give us a new framework with which to deal with life. It’s a framework rooted in honoring the truth of who we are.

Exponential Living is not a place we reach, but a lifestyle we commit to.

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