The Life Changing Lesson I Learned from Antonio “LA” Reid

The Life Changing Lesson I Learned from Antonio “LA” Reid

Exponential Living Principle 5 – Stop Working. Start Maximizing.

“There’s more money in what I know than what I do. The longer I stay tied to what I do, I miss the abundance of what I deserve.” –Allyson Byrd

I can remember the moment like it was yesterday. It was back when I worked at LaFace Records. I was sitting at my desk with my head down, working, as usual. That was my constant MO. Always working. Always slogging through my to-do list.

No nonsense.

Head always down.

Antonio “L.A.” Reid, the co-owner of LaFace Records, walked up to the door to my office. It took me a minute to even realize he was there. When I finally looked up, L.A. gave a little laugh, with a knowing glint in his eye.

“Sheri, you are a marketing superstar,” he said, “but your head is always down. Do you realize that? Always down.”

I looked at him uncomprehendingly. What was his point?

“That head-down thing, it’s going to limit your career. See, while your head is down, opportunities are passing right on by you, and you don’t even see them.” L.A. smiled and walked away, leaving me to think about what he’d said.

It took me many years to understand the wisdom L.A. Reid had imparted that day in the doorway.

At the time, I was so consumed with working that I was missing the very key to Exponential Living. I needed to stop working and start maximizing opportunities instead.

I decided to resign from work, mentally. I literally said out loud, “I will never work again. I will only maximize opportunities.” With that, every aspect of my life changed. I realized that the time I was going to spend on my coaching and speaking, my parenting, my marriage, couldn’t be considered work; it was everything my heart desired.

Work drains you; maximizing elevates and energizes you.

Many high achievers are so focused on working that work becomes an end in itself. We feel that if we do a lot, we must be valuable. So, we take on lots of work, and keep ourselves busy, but not necessarily as productive as we could.

We exhaust ourselves because we confuse work with value.

At the end of a tiring workweek, we look back and say, “Well, at least I did that.” We may not be any closer to our dreams, but we sure did work.

When you spend your days with your head down, busily knocking things off of your to-do list, you cannot see opportunities popping up around you, opportunities that might allow you to powerfully and gracefully leap forward in all of your endeavors.

By contrast, when you are open to see opportunities as your primary concern, and then do only the work needed to maximize those opportunities, your life takes a quantum leap in both productivity and joy.

Of course, sometimes maximizing opportunity requires a great deal of effort. I’m not suggesting that success just happens without taking action.

What I am saying is that action done intentionally, with the goal of maximizing an opportunity, has an entirely different character from work for work’s sake. A major key to Exponential Living is to think in terms of opportunity rather than responsibilities. There is a huge difference between the two.

Watch and listen as Will Packer, Film and TV Producer, shares how he stopped working and started maximizing.

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