4 Things You Have to Do to Be a Disruptor in Your Own Life


For several months, from my coaching clients, to my friends, to my colleagues, to individuals I’ve met during my speaking engagements, I’ve heard these six words more times than I can count., “I know I have value, but…”.

I know I have value, but… my spouse/friends/boss/colleagues are not respecting what I bring to the relationship/job/organization.  

I know I have value, but …. I don’t understand why I am not showing up fully confident.  

I know I have value, but…. I keep selling myself short and I don’t understand why or how to stop doing this.  

I know I have value, but…. I just can’t get out of this unhealthy relationship; leave this job; stop making these unhealthy decisions.  

Today, I want you to TAKE YOUR POWER BACK!!!  And you will do this by being BOLD ENOUGH TO BE A DISRUPTOR IN YOUR OWN LIFE.

You must commit right NOW to be a DISRUPTOR in YOUR OWN reality, mindset, paradigm, and behavior.  

I know you are ready, willing, and committed to making the changes that will move your life forward but you just don’t know how. You  know the problems, but you just don’t know what to do or how to do it.  

Watch my video below and discover the four (4) steps you must take to be a DISRUPTOR in your own life.  

P.S. After you watch the video, share in the comments below the first step you are going to take to be a DISRUPTOR in your own life. 

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Sheri Riley
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Sheri Riley is a wife, mother, daughter, and entrepreneur and we all know this is not easy, but she’s discovered how to make it simple. After 20 years of creating marketing strategies for Usher, TLC, Toni Braxton, Converse, Nike, NBA, and Turner, she now serves as an Empowerment Speaker and Life Strategist. She speaks around the world, sharing her message of "Peace is the New Success®". Her award-winning book, Exponential Living® -Stop Spending 100% of Your Time on 10% of Who You Are® (Penguin Random House) is the guide to integrate your personal desires into your life without detriment to your professional achievement.

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  • Robert Burgess says:

    Hello Sheri,
    Truly enjoyed this insightful, enlightening, and inspiring video. I do have others in mind to share it with.
    The very first thing that I can be a disruptor of my own reality has to do with bettering my health. I, too, have been out of high school 30+ years and I work out at least three times per week. I had labs performed at my Dr’s office last week and all of the results were “good”. Good meaning none life threatening but many numbers have been better. The immediate disruption that I will make is in my diet. I’ve identified some immediate changes and you’ve inspired me to seek deeper knowledge and understanding of nutrition.
    The second disruption will be in my community activism. I’ve been on the fringes of some organizations but not intimately involved. I feel that within our community, the need is urgent for all hands on deck. More so, I must identify the area of need where my strengths and gifts will be best utilized and focus my attention there and remove any distraction.
    Again, thank you sister.
    Peace & love,

    • Sheri Riley says:

      Hello Rob,
      Thank you for sharing. I totally understand what it means to be a disruptor in our life and starting with OUR HEALTH!!! It really is priority number ONE. And I love that you are going to get very intentional about your community involvement and engagement. It’s so needed from all of us. Keep moving forward and I wish you continued success in every area of your life!!

      Sheri Riley

  • Mary Crawford says:

    I purchased your book for 25 of my ladies with the Professional Women’s Group.

    Do you have 3 good discussion questions for our book club

    Thanks, Great book

    • Sheri Riley says:

      Hello Mary,
      Thank you very much!!! Each Principle ends with questions and exercises in the “Vision, Action, Results” that gives you great discussion points. I would love for you to post of photo on my FB (SheriRileydotcom) or Instagram (SheriRiley) of you group with their books.

      I appreciate you very much!!

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