3 Ways to Receive Clarity, Truth, and Understanding in Silence

By November 12, 2014Blog, Daily Declarations

Last week I didn’t post a blog because I didn’t have anything to say.  Not just through this written platform, but to anyone about anything.  I just wanted to be silent.  I felt recovery was necessary and silence was the antidote.   

During my week of silence, a business relationship changed.  My normal reaction would have been to share my disappointment and challenges with what was happening. Instead, I remained silent.  I was upset, but I accepted their decision by LISTENING.  Instead of speaking from my frustration, I listened from my place of strength.  The truth was, this was the best outcome for both of us.  My ego wanted to speak, and speak loudly.  It was through my silence that my true power was displayed.

 My silence empowered me to Reflect, Analyze, and Enjoy this roller coaster ride called LIFE.  What I learned from these three (3) things, strengthened my character and matured me as a business woman.    

 1. Reflect – I received clarity in my silence

Through my silence, I gained clarity about several growth opportunities I need to accomplish in my business.   I was able to honestly assess this year, personally and professionally.  I identified areas of growth, celebrated goals I’ve accomplished, and released things that are no longer relevant in my life.   

 2. Analyze – Truth was released in my silence

I was about to make a huge mistake.  This would have cost me a great business relationship and friendship.  Instead of speaking what I was thinking, I remained silent for four (4) days which allowed me to accept my truth.  What I wanted to say they weren’t DOING was more about what I NEEDED to do.  By remaining silent, I gave myself time to think about my own truth and I grew as a business woman. 

3. Enjoy – My understanding was sharpened in my silence

Being silent allowed me to focus on the great things going on in my life RIGHT NOW.  There are plenty of challenges, disappointments, and obstacles we talk about daily.  This week of silence stopped the conversation around what NEEDS TO BE DONE and allowed me to ENJOY the blessings I am experiencing RIGHT NOW.   

I challenge you to go on a talking “fast”.  You don’t have to be completely quiet, but eliminate all talking, beyond what’s absolutely necessary. 

I would love to hear your stories of when silence has benefited you and/or kept you from making a major mistake.  Please share your comments below. 


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  • Truly “listening without power”! It’s been plenty of times that I wanted to set the record straight, or give someone, who without a doubt had done wrong, a peace of my mind. Especially when I knew I was being done unjustly. But, I learned that I would be doing just that: Giving them part of my “peace” and “the peace in my mind.” When in doubt Sheri, i always go back to the Master example of Leadership…Jesus. I used to wonder why He never refuted, defended, or corrected the Pharisees and Sadducees when they accused Him of wrong or used the Word out of context. I mean He was/isThe Word, their Creator, All Truth , and would be well within His right to do so. But I learned that He practiced what is called “The Messianic Silence.” This was His silent power. The Pharisees and friends were left to destruction by their own words and devices, and without His Words, they had no counter-attack, which left them confused. Even unto the Cross, Jesus was praying for them. But guess what, because of His trust in God to defend His name, God took the responsibility to make His name Great and place Him above all things. So, not saying that we are suppose to let people walk over us, but truth…resilience…and steadfastness always prevails. The truth doesn’t need justification! Black is black no matter how you look at it!! So why waste our precious, world-creating words or do so. In silence, we get to come to peace with ourselves and receive peace that surpasses understanding from God. God will use this situation to elevate even higher Sheri, because you stay focused and fixed your eyes above, and didn’t lower yourself down to the pettiness. I’m sorry this is so lengthy, but I really hate to see good people done wrong and treated unfairly.

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