3 Ways Dr. King Showed Us The Power of Peace

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The message that touched my heart from the powerful movie “Selma” was the transformation that comes from the combination of humanity and strategy.  As one of the film’s producers, Oprah Winfrey stated, “I think what can be gleaned from our film is to take note of the strategic, peaceful intention required when you want real change.

This is also true for our personal development. There’s an air of discontent amongst many of us that the “MORE” we are truly seeking is not just external achievements, but also internal peace that brings a deep rooted joy and contentment.

After watching “Selma”, I watched several speeches from Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.  He was empowered by his “O.N.E.” thing, which I call our “Overall Navigating Edge™”.  He lived by the principal of peace.  

Peaceful demonstrations was one of the tools that endangered many and made the powerful few make decisions that changed the world.


He famously said in one of his 1957 speeches “non violent direct action seeks to create such a crisis and foster such a tension that a community which has consistently refused to negotiate is forced to confront the issue.”

When he spoke of “non violent action seeks to create tension” we can also say that pursuing peace in our lives, creates tension.

1.  Tension between the life we are living and the life we desire

2.  Tension between the joy we desire and the choices we make that undermine our joy

3.  Tension between what we value and where we spend the majority of our time

When Dr. King said, “I have earnestly opposed violent tension.  But there is a type of constructive non violent tension which is necessary for growth.”  This is so true of our personal growth, as well.

Pursuing peace does not eliminate our edge.  It enhances it.  I’ve worked with clients who believe that if they let go of their anger, stress, and worry and pursue peace, they will lose their edge.  They can’t accept that negative behaviors serve as a hinderance in their career and personal growth.  The truth is their success is from their great ability, their insight into seizing and maximizing opportunities, and their leadership skills.


Being the Peace Activator™ you may think I want you to calm down, slow down, and “Kum-Ba-Ya”.  The truth is the exact opposite.  I want you to know that Peace is our Power.  It’s what enhances our creative edge, athletic ability, and innovative thinking.  Peace eliminates those things that keep us hostage to our success.

By pursuing peace, Dr. King, went against societal norms and this peace was the power that spear headed transformation in individuals, communities, cultures, and society.

The power of peace can create transformation in each of us, as well.  

How do we do this?

1.  Having a Vision bigger than our wants and desires

2.  Having a Why that provides us more joy than our material gains

3.  Having a Truth that is rooted in a power that’s greater than our own strength

Dr. King said, “There comes a time when the cup of endurance runs over.”  This is that moment of clarity when our desire for peace becomes greater than our acceptance of our pain.  We realize that joy is our fuel, peace is our power, and Exponential Living is our choice.

There is a promise that comes with peace.  Peace produces clarity, which empowers us to make better choices and these decisions increase our productivity.  It takes peace to dive into our deepest fears to live in our true power and accomplish our greatest achievements. 

Thank you Dr. King and the millions of others who stood in the power of peace and transformed our world.  

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