3 Keys to Annihilate Doubt and Build Lasting Confidence

3 Keys to Annihilate Doubt and Build Lasting Confidence

Exponential Living Principle 7 – Build Lasting Confidence

In the movie “The Equalizers”, Denzel Washington’s character says “doubt kills”.

This is so true. Doubt kills dreams, relationships, hope, motivation and so much more.

The hardest thing to change is our perspective.

We all see life through the filter of our experiences and beliefs. Once these ideas and mindsets are established, we form a way of thinking that is not easily changed. My Grandmother would call it “being set in your ways.”

To effectively move through life’s transitions, the most important thing we have to change is our perspective.

It’s our mindset and our way of thinking that allows us to either move forward or get stuck moving backwards.

All of us reach points in our lives where transition is inevitable. It can be a forced change or a choice we make. We either accept it or we resist it. Either way, the physical change is never the hardest part of the move. The real challenge is the ending of one thing and the beginning of something new – is annihilating the doubts that exist with change.

Watch and Listen to what Alan Bracken, speaker and coach, has to say about the importance of change.

I’ve been through several major transitions in my life and each of them have cost me more than I wanted to pay, and rewarded me beyond what I imagined.

I am currently in the midst of my latest transition – the hardest one to date.

Why is it so hard for me?

Because I can’t keep holding on to things that I know are NOT a part of my next phase.

And letting go with confidence, has been difficult.

I say I trust GOD and I want to “let it go” and then I struggle with believing it –the next phase – will happen.

Doubt creeps in.

Especially when things don’t go as planned. Then I am left wondering if I messed up?

My mind works overtime to figure out what I did wrong. I usually feel I’m not working hard enough or my hard work wasn’t enough.

Or worse. I convince myself that God is doing good things and working things out for others but not for me.

These self-doubts contradict everything the bible says.

I have to make my decisions. Believe in my choices. Trust GOD with everything by:

1. Pressing through to a new mindset and perspective
2. Ascending to a higher level of thinking.
3. Closing the door on doubt.

Remember the truth – I am free from doubt & being double minded.

God has been pressing me so I would believe with all faith what’s he’s spoken to me, without confirmation or validation. He knows the plans for my life. I must delight myself in him and he will give me the desires of my heart. I must trust in The Lord with all of my heart and lean not to my own understanding.

For God knows the plans for my life.

Plans to prosper me and give me a future. So I can give thanks to him for placing me right where I am. For this is the will of God concerning me. I will never covet because I am content with what I have. For God has called me and he is faithful to do what he called me to do.

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